November 7, 2010

Ummm, Amanda, you are confused.

There was a story in The Racine Journal Times today about how Racine voted Democrat as always but they were surrounded by Republican votes. 

The newspaper dutifully went out and got quotes from Democrats concerned about the coming Republican horde...  One of them really stood out.

"If Republicans repeal health care, I'll have no chance of having health care," said Amanda Lawrence, 40, who lives in northern Racine. "I cannot afford it."

She works two jobs as a sales representative and a massage therapist. She also cleans in the summer. But with two teenagers, she cannot afford the extra cost of insurance, she said.

I hate to break it to Amanda but since the newspaper didn't someone has to.  Obamacare is not going to provide you with insurance.  Obamacare is going to mandate that you buy insurance.  Obamacare will also make that insurance more expensive than it is now.  In fact if you don't buy that more expensive insurance that you can not afford Obamacare will fine you.  If you can not afford to pay that fine, Obamacare will throw you in jail.

But you just go ahead and keep voting for those Democrats....

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