November 12, 2010


So I have a couple of conversations with my socialist, we-should-be-more-like-Britain boss. I’ll present it in conversation format. I will be ‘ME’, he will be ‘SB’ – socialist boss.


SB: do you believe that dim-whit Walker – going to Fla. & Ariz. trying to talk people into retiring here? What a dim-whit!
ME: well, it would be nice not to have my SS (which I am on) taxed since I haven’t had a COLA in 3 years, but the insurance keeps going up!
SB: you still wouldn’t want to stay because it’s too cold!
ME: That may be true, but its making me want to leave faster. Its not an enticing factor, especially if I had grandkids up here.


ME: good lord insurance has gone up
SB: well, of course
ME: what are you talking about? I thought insurance was supposed to go down?! It has more than tripled for me because of all the new regulations, some companies have just decided to either jack their rates or get out of the biz.
SB: if you believe that, I’ve got some swamp land in florida….
ME: you cannot be serious! You think they are just jacking up their rates for the money and nothing else? SB, I spent about 2and a half hours in the insurance ladies office just going over my new options!
SB: of course its only about the money. The regulations only help.

I wondered to myself if he will be saying that next year when his 25yo son – who lives at home, and is still covered by his mom’s insurance – is not covered anymore.

People like this exist, and they vote. Stay vigilant.

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