November 26, 2010

Muslim "Tolerance" in action

Here is an example of Muslim law in action. I am curious why those like Whoopi G. get sooooo upset that they have to leave the set when Bill O'Reilly says "Muslims attacked us on 9/11", because he did not properly separate "Peaceful Muslims" from "Muslim Extremists". Which group is this that plans to execute this Christian convert in Pakistan? Are they extremists? or just "faithful Muslims"? Have we heard Whoopi say anything about this situation? Where is the outrage from the MSM or the Whitehouse. Why haven't we seen protests in the streets in the US against this religious intolerance in Pakistan? What do we do in the US? We get all upset when reasonable people say that it is not right to build a Muslim mosque close to the 9/11 site. Emperor Obama steps up and wimps out rather than stand for what he should stand for and at least try to help work out an alternative and less controversial site for the mosque. We just celebrated Thanksgiving and most took time to remember that it has roots in religious freedom and the many blessings we have as US citizens. When will our leaders WAKEUP?

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