November 15, 2010

MRQ, Welcome FBRQ!

MRQ (Monday Random Quotes)
it was suckism  Elliot
wear your darkest shades   Steve
the right critter  Kate
zooming choo-choos are not our dream  Ann
we will. Patrick
stupid(er),   Owen
put it back on  Egg
any day now.  Kevin.
a good reminder  WTF
all the dead Obi-Wan and Yoda toys  Trog
a poor reputation in the community  Dan
Cake Eater.  Wigdy
rather…..bulgy!   Kate
Expresso  Bussorah
FBRQ (Facebook Random Quotes)
I fell in love.  Holly
turned it off  Sherri
a big party in my dreams!!  Pam
admit you're jealous.  Frank
LeSigh  CFR
McRib . . . fish fry . . . McRib . . . fish fry . . .  Jim
a mite nippy   Kate
Welcome to America!  Nick
I look like Miley Cyrus  Jessica
feeling like a poonoodle.  Dipity
could be a little bigger  The Chad
Arab women giggling  Aaron
eeeeeeyabbadabbadoooooo!!!  Bridget
No workey, no turkey Peter
24 oz of cheap caffeine goodness  Wigdy
I want to be younger, thinner and richer.  CFR
TRQ (Twitter Random Quotes)
Let the blocking commence.  Casey
work with the top down  Shoebox
look orange  Nancy
tossing around sharp objects  Carrie
a genetic disorder, passed from father to son.   Kevin

Seriously Old Spice?  Pete
just an ordinary program.  Nick
Revenge.  Keith
research at Victor's  Wigdy
Go Away... And Stay Off My Bed!   Patrick
Choke on Ducks  Egg
Me likee.  TAB
I don't like his stuff   Jones
putting my beer down  CFR
make Obama cry  Aaron
Hope this is enough  Dipity

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