November 8, 2010

MRQ Kind Of A Big Deal

I detect a foul marine odor  Jib
Think harder.  Allahpundit
It only takes a minute  Patrick
I had to laugh.  Owen
incredibly sexy.  Elliot
Scofflaw  Steve
change people’s behavior for the better  OrbsCorbs
the morning after.  Shoebox
Kind Of A Big Deal.  Silent E
That's gotta leave a mark  James T
the women of the left!  CFR
And again…and again…and again…  Trog
1400 non-mutant gummies  Dipity
being in poor taste  Wigdy
Shields UP!!!  Mr Fastbucks
watching football in bed  Stacy
cookies in bed  Adam
A massive tool.  Chashollywood
Clay-amania  Patrick
just ... strange.  Deaninwuakesha
I need an Ottoman  Jones
C. M. 3. = M. V. P.  Theandyman
come off the mat to score  Egg

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