November 22, 2010

MRQ an increasingly notorious reputation


I have no problem with Clinton doing it  Trog


stand in his underwear   Patrick

treating old women and children  Steve

that makes you a masochist  Jib

guaranteed sand and salt free  SER

an increasingly notorious reputation  Shoebox

bore the living hell out of you  Egg

for your easy reference.  TAB

there's nothing you could say or ask that I would find offensive Tom

disappointment is but a heartbeat away  CFR 

Whatever Happened to Hardcore   LVB

blame the sarsaparilla brandy  Dipity


I'd start big. Jim

get in a mood.  Holly

It isn't pink or sexy  Tammy

all bad things.  Tammy

More beers  Pete

I did it again...  CFR

urge to kill, rising  Frank

going back to bed  The Chad

My First Cavity Search   Nick

the clown thing  Pam

I lose myself  Sherri


sufficiently imbibing!  Shoebox.

the Crowned Prince of the @$$-Clowns  Kevin

a sea of nerds   Conrad

Tell them Wiggy sent you  Wiggy

reminded me of a young Bert  Patrick

I hate clowns  Egg

gonna take the nap  TAB

Do we grope  Dean

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