November 1, 2010

MRQ going to need Slurpee mixer recipes

scare old people.  Charlie
Oh, fer the love of pete!  Kate
I still have a soft spot  Patrick
like a dork.  Owen
 the difference between fear and anger?  Elliot
forgive the low quality  Egg
tut-tutted  Wigdy
paid me in free drinks  Dipity-Drunkity
received the robo  Cindy
UM...I THINK... GEEZ.  Trog
You've been dumped.  CFR
a wildlife nut.  Drew
making an appearance   CFR
gets on the floor  Spammy
We the people.  Racine Tea Party
NOT an Ap for that!   Shoebox
a friggin' pickle.  Dipity
I demand a "pizza is delicious" rally  Christian
I re-arranged the onions and pickles on my McRib  Tom
Write me in for anything.  KB
A Few Good Men  TAB
he likes to play the field.  Dean
available for consultation. Trog
The porch light is OFF Pete
about to be bit   Jones.
my Renfield impression.  Wigdy
going to need Slurpee mixer recipes  Egg

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