November 13, 2010

Let's Help out our Emperor's understanding a little!

As Emperor Obama pretends to work on helping US jobs by visiting India and Indonesia etc. I ran across the article in the link. Apparently young Barry Hussien Obama was not listening in class when he was in Muslim school as a boy. The following excerpt from one of his speeches shows his TOTAL lack of understanding of Jihad and where his bias lies on religion...

(begin excerpt): Muslim leaders around the world are pleased with Obama’s remark about jihad and Islam: “Well, the phrase jihad has a lot of meanings within Islam. It is subject to lot of different interpretations. But I will say that first Islam is one of the world's great religions and over a billion people practice Islam." (end excerpt)

The article CLEARLY illustrates that Jihad for a Muslim means KILL Christians and Jews at any opportunity.

What are we to conclude from his remarks? When push comes to shove, Emperor Obama will show his bias and he’ll side with Muslims. Not with Americans who are (for the moment anyway) mostly Non-Muslim.

There are 19 primary religions in our world and 33% of the people are "Christian Faiths" and 19.3% are "Islam". I would remind the Emperor that over 2 billion practice the Christian religions - a few more than his 1 Billion Muslim's figure.

Why does the Emperor continually talk about the greatness of Islam and never about the greatness of the Christain faith? He "claims" to be a Christian yet seldom talks about it in a positive way in his speeches about the US. From this we must conclude that he is ashamed of his Christian faith when he fails to make time to mention how great his Christian faith is? Or is it just more of his faking it for votes and support when he claims to be Christian?

Make no mistake - Jihad does not have "many interpretations". Those of the Muslim faith who have declared a Jihad against the US have only one goal in mind - rid the world of all non-muslim infidels any way they can.

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