November 2, 2010

Election Night.

We'll be on the road doing election results tonight at the week early edition of Drinking Right, Papa's Social Club, 7ish until Dickie kicks us out.

Give 'em Heck?  Seriously?
After that we'll be heading to the Paul Ryan victory party.  That's if of course Paul can get through John Heckenlively.  Hang on, after I get from laughing I'll finish this post.

No Runny Eggs and The MacIver Institute promise live blogs of results.  I am not going to lug my laptop around!

As for my prediction, Reince Priebus will be promoted from the head of the Wisconsin GOP to the head of the GOP.  He earned it. 

As for leftie, please Wisconsin Democratic Party, give Mikie Tate a lifetime contract!  Also ya'll might want to arrange a suicide watch for Capper, Zach and Bert @ Folkbum's.

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