November 14, 2010

And the Racine Spring Election Season Begins...

Subject: Keith Deschler's Aldermanic Press Release.

Today the 14th November 2010 I am announcing my candidacy for the 13th District Aldermanic seat in the City of Racine.

Having watched the past year as one business after another has found obstacles provided by the City Council. It has become clear to me the best way to improve the City Council is run for the seat. The lack of a business friendly attitude and Bureaucracy committed to satisfying it's own appetite for greater control and manipulation over the citizen's of Racine Is neither good for our citizen's nor is it good for the potential business, jobs and future citizens waiting to come and become part of our community.

Many issues can and should be addressed in the upcoming election.. how best to treat investors on the West and Washington Corner...The potential of attracting new business to our town not by throwing piles of money, for a handful of jobs, but rather by reducing the tax burden and freeing the investors to bring jobs and opportunity to or city. Racine needs a City Council and leadership that is taxpayer friendly, and doesn’t rely on Grants and gifts bestowed upon us by crawling before the Federal and State Govt.

The American people and especially the people of SE Wisconsin spoke in huge numbers and in a dramatic voice.that we demand less invasive Govt. and lower tax burdens for all.

I have watched now for 2 years in a row, as Racine’s current Mayor has presented budgets with no cuts in jobs, no cuts in benefits, and increase in tax burden on the citizenry. In each case the Alderman marched happily along with the Mayor. This must stop and the time is now! I am asking my fellow Racine taxpayers to contact ALL of your Alderman before Tuesday night and tell them NO! on the budget being proposed! We must demand that they get our message that enough is enough! Join me on Tuesday night at City Hall speak your mind or just join the chorus of NO!

If the City Alderman aren't listening when the people have spoken louder than ever...When will they listen?

My name is Keith Deschler and I am asking for your support for Alderman in the 13th District. My voice will be yours against too much Govt. at the City level. There are alternatives to the budgets as proposed and tens of thousands of dollars in savings to the taxpayers can be found. Making Racine the lowest taxed "Island" in the Midwest will bring business and citizens to our great city.

For additional info., or to arrange an interview Contact me @ 1 262.898.6295.

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