October 21, 2010

Top Gear USA.

Top Gear is coming to the USA on the History Channel.

As a fan of the BBC version of this, I fully expect the Americanized show to be significantly worse than Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May (Captain Slow).

That being said, three gear heads (petrol heads to our UK friends) doing ridiculous stuff with cars within a proper frame of reference (humor) still sounds better than most of the tripe we currently have to choose from.
There is already speculation that the American Stig is actually someone whom our beloved TrogloPundit is mildly obsessed with.

By the way, yes that Suzuki SX4 will be the reasonably priced car for stars to beat around whatever track they come up with (poor choice).  Initial celebrity guests will include Tim Allen and Kid Rock.  I'd expect Jay Leno in short order.

They are serious about Top Gear in the UK, check out this clip of Richard Hammond crashing in a jet fueled dragster.

Hopefully the Americanized version of Top Gear will share Clarkson's view of silly vehicles like the Pry-us.

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