October 11, 2010

PolitiCrap Update: WMC radio ad about John Lehman.

Claim: A radio advertisement is being run by WMC regarding the record of State Senator John Lehman.  It claims that John Lehman promised "in 2006 said he would lower our taxes".    It goes on to say that Lehman supported a 10% increase in spending while families were struggling.

The spending increase claim is completely true.

However, on taxes, I can never recall John Lehman being in favor of or promising to lower them.  In fact in 2006 Lehman said "if you want smaller government and lower taxes then McReynolds is your man."  (At that time Lehman was running against current Racine County Executive Bill McReynolds for the State Senate)

In fact, in 2006 John Lehman even made the claim that Wisconsin having high taxes was a myth that he refused to accept.

Conclusion: The WMCIMC ad is correct in claiming that John Lehman increased government spending and taxes at a time when Wisconsin families were struggling, but incorrect in claiming that Lehman said he would lower taxes.

PolitiCrap rating:  Blended Crap.

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