October 1, 2010

PolitiCrap: Advancing Wisconsin, John Lehman is keeping us safe.

The Claim:  A left wing advocacy group called "Advancing Wisconsin" using paid volunteers just left their flyer on my door proclaiming how State Senator John Lehman is helping to keep us safe.

Analysis:  As a member of the Joint Finance Committee John Lehman pushed for a budget with billions of dollars worth of tax and fee increases and left a $2.9 billion structural deficit in his wake.  Among the more unsafe portions of that budget was an early release program to let felons out of prison early, John Lehman approved of and voted for that provision and for that budget.

The same literature piece mentioned Lehman's vote for a tougher drunk driving law, it of course failed to mention that Senator Lehman was completely silent regarding the multiple drunk-driving arrests of Jeff Wood in the Assembly.  Of course it is up to the Assembly to admonish their own members, but John Lehman did not lift a finger to attempt to influence his fellow Racine area Democrats, Cory Mason and Bob Turner.

In a time where it was necessary to reign in the growth of government, John Lehman went full speed ahead with a dangerous budget busting agenda that cost Wisconsin citizens’ jobs and will leave the next Governor with billions of dollars of debt.

Of course we were told that violent offenders would not be released.  Non-violent offenders like Michael R. Green who entered a guilty plea in the killing of a sandwich delivery driver, Joseph Muntz in Milwaukee

John Lehman let the non-violent offender Michael R. Green out of jail.

If that is what Advancing Wisconsin considers “keeping us safe” I would hate to see what they consider reckless behavior.

Conclusion: Total Crap.

UPDATE: Michael Green was actually let out of prison before this program went into effect, that was in error and I apologize for that.  However, that does not change the rating here as letting prisoners out early has led to many of them being put right back into jail.


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