October 25, 2010

MRQ this is idiotic.

fumbled as badly as Favre.  Steve
toss them about willy-nilly.  Althouse
this is idiotic.  Owen
a lot smaller.  Dad29
a little bit “nervous”  Elliot
Real open fly  Mary
off to the tar pits.  Peter
waiting for a table for a good fish fry.  Wigdy
suck it, snob noses!  Dipity
Wine = Health.  Bussorah
I'm used to (and SICK OF)  CFR
crappity crap  CFR
goes to bed by 9:30  Cindy
fun times  Toldjah
the kiss  Owen
big wind  Corey
like the rub down  Spammy
smug is not a winning strategy  Sykes
with both hands!  Shoebox
snatch up this domestic goddess  DIpity
you've got to see the spray  Patrick
Trash czars  Jones

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