October 11, 2010

MRQ partake in the snuggle

maximum allotment of Barcelonas  Althouse
Can you blame?  Owen
2010 sucked the funny out of me.  Tony
they come out and yell  Steve
a bacon sandwich works best!  SER
mob of zombies.  Redstate
Help yourself to any prize from the middle shelf   Bussorah
my current porn.  Dipity
goin' on strike.  CFR
Especially the knob  Corey
I'll have a glass Spammy
eviscerated by an environmentalist for doing nothing   Nick
in front of my face.  nickbarnett
partake in the snuggle.  Dipity
the biggest Homo erectus you'll ever see  Tom
Milkshake? Smoothie? Bourbon? >>>Bourbon Smoothie.  TAB
being a weasel.  Dean
from normal to Gollum & back  Scoff
works better than the Milw. police radios   Patrick
awesomeness that ruins you for everything else!   Jones
kick to the sports nuts  Egg

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