October 18, 2010

MRQ Inspiring me to take a nap.

She's giving all she's got! Steve
It works on so many levels.  Captain
we’re gonna need some Lysol  Trog
reserved for bar softball leagues   ALa
Somebody had fun.  Owen
A lot of Snooki  Althouse
what could have been  CFR
Close, but no cigar.   PolarCoug
Long overdue.  Corey
a long stick!   Spammy
control the energy  Shoebox
Quarterly Drinking Meeting Nick 
to serve a cop.  Dipity
Dude, no promises  SamDHam
Inspiring me to take a nap  Christian
equivalent of a jigger?   Tom
moronic Bice.  TAB
indecent Tweeter  Dean 
assume a horizontal orientation  Patrick

a drink each day  Jones
much-smaller-than-average   Egg

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