October 5, 2010

Feingold flagged for excessive piracy.

15 Yard Penalty Excessive Piracy
Russ Feingold has a new ad out.  As he has done before Feingold is using licensed material without the expressed written consent of the owner of that material, this time though he screwed around with the NFL instead a local newscast.  (Did you notice how Feingold keeps using the (I) word instead of the (D) word?)

Feingold was bragging about this ad yesterday at the Racine GOTV rally.  I have video of him here, he thinks it is cute to steal material you are not entitled to apparently.

I can assure you Senator no one thinks this race is over yet and we on the right are more energized than ever to send you to the unemployment line.  And only when that is done will we allow ourselves an end zone dance.

Yes Russ you are the #1 anti business senator in Washington but you are in the top 8 for special interest money for your union overlords.

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