October 4, 2010

Democrats Get out the vote rally in Racine 10-4-10

The event was started by my Assemblyman Bob Turner who taught me the proper pronunciation of the word with is apparently wif.  Turner was follow by fellow Assemblyman Cory Mason and State Senator John Lehman.

On a side note Racine Mayor, John Dickert was there.  I heard him on the radio on Friday saying how hard it was to do this year's budget with a brand new $800,000,000 in unfunded mandates.  Somehow he still has not made the connection that he can blame Lehman and Mason for that as they are both on Joint Finance, and of course Bob Turner is always wif them voting for whatever the party tells him to.

Then along came Russ Feingold.

My Observations.  Feingold seems to think that the GOP has peaked too early.  That must be some kind of crystal ball he has, from my experience exactly the opposite is true.  Feingold keeps talking about how he is the underdog and is being outspent.   Seems to me I see 4 Feingold ads for every Johnson ad.  We'll see in the end.  Feingold apparently saw some super secret new polling that made him stand proud and tall.  Keep relying on those non likely voters Russ.

Feingold also seems convinced that the entire reason businesses have moved some jobs to other countries is because of NAFTA & GATT.  (Both trade agreements signed by a Democrat President, Bill Clinton)

As I mentioned earlier today Feingold can't be bothered to consider the actions of his union pals or the awful laws he supported as having anything to do with job loss.  Feingold also touted a #1 ranking of being free of business interests.  Yep, he's the most anti business Senator in the US and he is proud of that fact.

If you look at how much money Senator Feingold pulls from unions though he suddenly soars to the top 10.

Building Trades #4
Industrial Unions #2
Transportation Unions #8
Public Sector Unions #8
Misc. Unions #8

It would seem to me the obvious conclusion is that the only jobs Senator Feingold is concerned with are union jobs.  Oh well, the 70 or so loyal Democrats, mostly seniors, almost all white, loved him.

And of course Russ Feingold is very proud of ignoring the will of Wisconsin voters in being the deciding vote on Obamacare.

Go ahead and make your own conclusions.

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