October 14, 2010

The Court Speaks on Red Fred & Joan Kessler.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court today bounced a six year old ethics complaint against Joan & Fred Kessler.  In short the court said they were sleazy but not sleazy enough to rebuke.

My friend Sam Hagedorn who is running against Fred Kessler had this to say:

"When career lawmakers willfully and arrogantly manipulate the system with dirty political tricks to deceive those they are elected to serve, their moral failure calls for a career change. Rep. Fred Kessler used legal and judicial friends to influence an election and then encouraged them to falsify their testimony to hide his involvement.  This is wrong."

Earlier in this campaign Fred Kessler warned me that he knew ‘how to run a dirty campaign”.  This case further confirms his willingness to deceive and play dirty.  The people of Wisconsin deserve better.  I hope to provide them that alternative to politics as usual on November 2nd. “

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