October 1, 2010

Barrett lying about stem cell research.

It happens every election, Democrats put out a sympathetic mother with a sick child claiming that their opponent wants to ban stem cell research.

Of course they take a very narrow meaning, government funding of embryonic stem cells, and apply it to every kind of stem cell research everywhere.  That's the lie part.

Why tell the truth when a lie can be so much more destructive?

Stem cells are a complicated subject but the simple fact is they still have not been able to cure a thing using embryonic stem cells.  Here we are so many years later with the same lies from the left and the same simple fact that there have been amazing results using adult stem cells.

The subject as always boils down to abortion, cloning and ethics.  The left is all about the first two, not so much on the third.

I don't think the voters are going to let you slide on it this time.

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