September 24, 2010

PolitiCrap: Feingold, Preventitve Health Care is Free.

Claim:  In a press release yesterday Russ Feingold claimed that preventative care is now available for "free".
Washington, D.C. – With several provisions of the new health care reform law going into effect today, U.S. Senator Russ Feingold has been highlighting the new provisions and how they are helping Wisconsinites. Today, Feingold is highlighting a critical provision requiring new insurance policies to provide free preventive care.
Truth:  Of course the truth is Obamacare requires insurance policies to cover preventative care.  As many people are discovering as their policies are forced to cover more they also wind up costing more.
In fact if you don't carry insurance Obamacare will fine you $750.00 or 2% of your income. (starting in 2014)
I'm not sure how Senator Feingold thinks preventative care is free, but I guess you get to change the definitions of words when you are down by double digits.
Total Crap

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