September 13, 2010

MRQ suffering through liberal thought processes

Bucky's head. Althouse

speak indecipherable English Mme Zoltar

coming to Barney’s rescue Toldjah

preferably naked Aaron.

suffering through liberal thought processes Trog

the "Beer Goggle" hypothesis Steve

I'm going to delete it. Elliot.

Should really restrain himself. Wigdy

an attack so thin you could fly a paper airplane through it Aaron

you crafty bastard. SER


blushing CFR

Exposed Toldja

in BIG trouble FF

The Snuggie has jumped the shark. Shoebox

just broke apart. Dipity

computer-aided dance moves Christian

hoist one for you TAB

I don't like EvilBirds. BadgerBlogger

back on my s list. Deibert

breaking twitter Jones

trust the *people*. Wigdy

beer and packed meat Egg

don't shave or shower Pdigaudio

I know gross. CandidCarrie

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