September 6, 2010

MRQ increasingly unhinged

I know better than you. Deekaman
buy cheap beer. Dan.
Wisconsin news from a Tennessite Trog
Show me the money. Van Helsing.
You should have kept your mouth shut, sir. lumberjack
Gimme gimme gimme. Ric
swat with a brick. Aaron.
enough to almost fill a pair of Gore’s pants Doug
what be that Steve
come out. Mary
2 out of 3 Bats. Kate
cheer me out. CFR
watching Jersey Shore. Corey
haunts me in my sleep. Bruce
stay in bed all day. Shoebox
a bunch of schmoops. Dipity
your secret lover will walk up behind you. Chris
teensy but obsessive. Samdham
increasingly unhinged. Tom
fresh tube meat. TAB
hackcoughhackchoke Radish
let it go bankrupt Dean
i do make housecalls Hohner
bun warmers. Jones
Maybe I'm pregnant. Wigdy
more full of s**t than the Milwaukee harbor after a 3-day rainstorm. Egg

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