September 11, 2010

Lora Halberstadt Statement on Mark Neumann TEA Party Claim.

I’m extremely disappointed in Congressman Neumann’s latest stunt.

Yesterday, I received an email from Mark Neumann with the subject line: "Tea Party Backs Neumann!" As a proud organizer of a TEA Party group, I am highly offended by Neumann’s false claim. Mark Neumann is not endorsed by a TEA Party group, and I’m disappointed by his attempt to claim our movement as his own.

The TEA party is about taking our government back, and electing true conservatives who we know share our values of lower taxes, limited government, and more freedom, and who have a record to prove it.

That’s why I’m supporting Scott Walker on Tuesday, and so are an overwhelming amount of TEA party activists across Wisconsin.

Most TEA Party groups do not endorse candidates, and do not intend to. We are individuals in a movement, not a political party.

I do intend to vote for Scott Walker on Tuesday. Especially now.

Lora Halberstadt
TEA Party Organizer

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