September 22, 2010

Diamond Jim Strikes AGAIN!!

In his continuing effort to make a mess of our state Diamond Jim has made another recess appointment that is just too obvious to ignore.

Now 2 of the three members of the Wisconsin Employment Relations Committee are men who were past high ranking officials in WEAC.

Can anyone spell "PAYBACK"? WEAC has been one of Doyle's rabid supporters and has gotten special treatment for the entire time Doyle has held office. Now that he's a lame duck he is spending his time rewarding as many of his "Lefty Lib" pals as he can and working feverishly to screw up our state as much as possible before we elect Walker.

Why? you may ask - because that's the kind of slimeball Doyle is and he also wants to see if he can make it soooo bad that even someone as good as Walker will have a devil of a time straightening it out.

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