September 19, 2010

Dear Left Wing Whiners.

Please keep denigrating the TEA party. Please keep your attacks coming and if anything please increase your rhetoric.

You see the TEA party is not just made up of the GOP as you want to believe. The TEA party is made up of lots of people: some republicans, some conservative democrats and lots and lots of independents. You remember the independents don't you? They are the ones who tend to decide who wins and who loses elections.

For many of these people this is the first time they have been involved in politics. They are concerned with the out of control growth of debt and the out of control growth of government. They are concerned that their liberty is being taken away.

The more you laugh, impugn, call names and sling vile insults the more you strengthen the resolve of these first time activists. You are driving them away from your view that the best solution to every problem is more and more government.

When you lose in November you'll whine and cry and call those who disagree with your view stoooopid. Just like always.

So please, keep it up!

Is it November yet?

Is it 2012 yet?

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