September 1, 2010

About The Discovery Channel nut.

While conservatives point with glee to a left wing enviro-nut in the news today I think we need to the blame where it belongs.

Al Gore, and his cabal of chicken little operatives are trying to push an agenda using scare tactics. Their rhetoric has become obscenely over the top in proclaiming doom and gloom unless immediate changes are made by everyone but them. They of course need their private jets and mammoth homes to spread the "truth" of our impending destruction.

This is certainly not the first act of violence, nor will it be the last, in the name of the environment. Zealots use their blind faith in unproven propaganda as justification of their violence all in the name of Mother Earth.

It is sad really that so many minds have been polluted by the scare tactics of radical environmentalists.

President Obama and his administration must also share a part of the blame in this as he as well has been spreading the same environmental scare tactics.

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