August 19, 2010

Your Queen has spoken...

Rather than finding out where the money for this mosque is coming from, she'd like to see where the money is coming from that is opposing it.

SHOCKER: I agree.

Two tiny little provisos, though:
1. If there is is money "coming in" to oppose this mosque, who's getting it, Your Highness? The will of the people??
2. I say we start these investigations with Mr. Reid and Mr. Dean.

And some of you still don't think something is "fundamentally" changing in the country I love?


**Ok, so it won't let me post a comment, so here it is.
Yes, i am aware she called for "transparency" on the funding of the mosque - while the state dept. pays for the imam's trip to the middle east. so, really, her call for transparency holds the same water as when the BSer-in-chief starts a sentence with "let me be perfectly clear.." and then goes on to re-clarify his stance a half a dozen times.

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