August 20, 2010

This is Tom Barrett's Milwaukee,

A Homeless shelter giving people a warm place to sleep in a cold Milwaukee winter gets shut down for not having the correct permit.

When Tom Barrett opens a campaign office without the proper permit, the fine is waived and the office is allowed to continue to operate.

Kudos to southsider for remembering the homeless center story.

Shame of Dan Bice for being 5 days late to this party and making this out to be no big deal. If this had been Walker it would have been a front page screaming headline.


Why does Tom Barrett want homeless people to freeze to death?

How come Eugene Kane does not call attention to this?

Why did the City not assess the typical $175 per day fine for not having the correct permit?

Why doesn't Dan Bice credit Mark Belling for breaking this story?

If channels 4 & 12 had not run with this story would Dan Bice have written this?

Where is the press release from Mike Tate about how obviously racist the city of Milwaukee is due to their position on homeless people?

How will Zach @ Blogging Blue blame this on Ron Johnson?

Why isn't Nancy Pelosi demanding an investigation into who is funding Tom Barrett's election office?

When will Dan Bice ask why Mayor Barrett gets to skip inspections?

Will Obama cut short his vacation?

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