August 23, 2010

Racine TEA Party survey results.

The Racine TEA party recently did a survey of election preferences in the upcoming races. They had 1,462 out of roughly 3,000 people respond.

Granted, this is far from scientific but there were a couple of responses I found very interesting.

As you might expect TEA party activists favored Ron Johnson for the Senate in huge numbers. In the race for Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker got 1,257 votes to only 126 for Mark Neumann. For the record, 30 people answered Tom Barrett. This crowd obviously slants conservative but for Neumann to show so poorly does not speak well for his candidacy.

The tightest vote was in the race for Lieutenant Governor. Out of 1,280 who responded on that race, Assemblyman Brett Davis got 555 votes while Rebecca Kleefisch was right on his heels with 537. Mayor Dave Ross was way behind with only 106 votes .

The TEA partiers LOVE Pastor David King for Secretary of State, he garnered 96.2% of those responding.

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