August 2, 2010

MRQ All Bieber, All the Time!


hand Keith a tissue. Blue

Pinch me, I must be dreaming. J Raw

how magnificent are your buttocks. Owen.

Invade someone else's airspace. OrbsCorbs

you are now a duck. Dipity

Where can I get som'a dem Kate

young nubile nymphettes. James T

I hate frisbees. ALa


Sweaty shiny. CFR

All Bieber, All the Time! Snark

sorta enjoying it. Bruce

A strange buzzing Patsy

Keep a distance. Shoebox

Which is harder? Nick

It always jives my goosebump Dipity

that annoying period between naps Tom

buying a sandwich. BOT

I only drink top-shelf !!! TAB

pretty creepy. Jones

checking my life insurance. Wigdy

without a bathroom break Egg

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