August 6, 2010

Feingold's act of fiction.

Senator Russ Feingold has an add out touting his jobs record. It appears that the Wisconsin Senator could not find any actual people that got jobs through the porkulus bill so he made one up.

$787 billion bucks and Russ Feingold had to make up a person to put on a nameplate in his ad?

Charlie has the video and more details. The Washington Examiner is calling it Jobs for the dead.

Is there really any doubt as to why the Wisconsin Senate race has gone from a lock for Feingold to a toss up?

Is it November yet?

By the way Senator, a baby blue shirt with a brown tie? Maybe you should make up a fashion consultant.


logjam said...

Elizabeth Ackland - And ACORN has her registered in 3 different cities in Wisconsin.

Golfing Granpa said...

Feingold's departure from politics is WAY OVER DUE!! If he actually talked about his voting record he would reach the conclusion that not only is he a wasteful tax & spend liberal, but he should save all of us the trouble of having to vote him out and just resign now out of shame for not doing anything positive for Wisconsin or the country.