August 23, 2010

Feingold Ad full of fakes.

Earlier today Wigdy told us about the new Feingold ad with an AFLCIO lobbyist.

Well Joanne Ricca wasn't the only one.

The first person heard from in the Feingold ad also works for the Wisconsin AFLCIO for the office of the President, Linda Sadowski.

Hot Air broke that nugget

How come Senator Feingold can't seem to make an advertisement without using lobbyists and special interests? That's not really very Mavericky is it?

FYI Folkbum, this is not an attack on the character of Linda Sadowski, this is an attack on the character of Russ Feingold and the shams he is trying to pull on the people of Wisconsin.

Hello, I represent a left wing special interest that gives Russ Feingold lots of money to do our bidding. It would be really really swell if you would allow our bought and paid for totie to be re-elected.

They are of course entitled to their opinion, but Senator Feingold should be disclosing who these people are.

Paging Mr. Bice, paging Mr. Dan Bice.

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