August 30, 2010

DRQ - Lakefront Edition

It wasn’t good for dick – Kate

She has a knife – Frank

Y’all talk too fast – Kate

10 minutes too early – RDW

X-rated DRQ – CFR

Warm and wet – Mrs. RDW

Cat pervert – Kate

I’m a fruity kinda guy – Mr. CFR

We are a pathetic bunch – Kate

Having issues with the gas – Silent E

What’s up dogfood? – Chad to Sara

Get the job done – Patrick

I went all Ninja on them – CFR

It’s okay, I like unprotected – Nick

I’m female and I’m expensive – Kate

Rotten little kid – Jimi

Do you have wood? - Sarandipity

Bigger than I thought – Jackie

Jimmy don’t play that – James T.

My innocence has been shattered – Kate

P.S. - Now y'all see why we only let Kate back into the state once a year?

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