July 25, 2010

This is fair?

Imagine your favorite band going on tour. This will most likely be their last tour (I said imagine). Their other tour dates are too far for you to travel to, so you really want to go to the one coming to your town.
You therefore decide to spend a large sum of money and invest a great deal of time to get the absolute best tickets you can.
When concert day finally arrives you smugly head out knowing that your time and money you've invested guaranteed you great seats.
You are very excited and happy.

On concert day, however, the concert promoter decides he wants to open the concert to everyone. On top of that, he will now have general seating – meaning your time and the money you've invested have been wasted. Those 3rd row center seats you were so happy about now have already been filled by some tailgater that has been partying in the parking lot since noon.

This seems unlikely, doesn’t it?
This, however, is the best analogy I’ve heard on illegal immigrants invading my country.

Rock on.


Real Debate said...

Great analogy!

Real Debate said...

The only thing I would add to the analogy is that the people who paid a lot for the tickets can't even see the show from the lousy seats because the people who got the great seats are all holding up flags with the name of some other band on them.

Real Debate said...


Real Debate said...

An anlogy that's easily relatable by the younger segment of society.