July 23, 2010


Just finished up my first seminar, I picked up some great ideas on tweaking RDW. I'm now in the blogger row looking through an amazing number of emails that piled up over the last day and a half.

I've been meeting some new folks and catching up with some folks I have not seen in a long while. Looks like I'll be doing an interview shortly with Granite Grok.

I had a very cordial conversation this morning with John Fund of the Wall Street Journal. I thanked him for keeping the heat on election shenanigans in Wisconsin. It is a pity our local papers care so little about this large issue.

I had a John Cleese sighting this morning in the Casino here at The Venetian. He was looking for coffee dressed in a horrible blue and white striped jacket and white shorts. It looked like he was reprising his role from the ministry of silly walks.

More to come.

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