July 6, 2010

Oh, the change!

It's like having JFK back in The White House again.

Does anyone in this lame administration realize there is more to space than the area between the President's ears?


Real Debate said...

Well there is a select group of Muslims I'd like to offer a free trip to outer space.  One way of course.

Real Debate said...

Recall that we employed Werner von Braun on the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo programs. A famous humorist once remarked that Braun should have modified the title of his memoirs to "I Shoot for the Stars - (but Sometimes Hit London)". Just think of the new applications we could benefit from by partnering with radical Muslims - those rockets carry way more fuel than a puny airliner and no need for training astronauts on that pesky re-entry and landing stuff. Can our tech college get a multi-million dollar grant to be the leader in advanced aeronautics training in some middle eastern country?