July 5, 2010

MRQ half in the bag


a hard time. Althouse.

the cute little thing. Dad29

In Dependence Day. Elliot.

100% redneck. ASIW

a 17-day streak. Trog.

momentary lapses in marital judgment Dipity

the price is doubled Wigdy


not in the mood. CFR

a deal-breaker ladies? TheTeditorial

meat in your mouth. Corey.

had her butt checked bizymare

one mans vibrator Dipity

bites on my BUTT SamdHam

half in the bag. Christian

the Twitter-Time Continuum Tom

sit at home and drink some beer. TAB

I hardly ever see boats pulling cars. Michael

implement a mosquito ban Carrie

Get a mirror. Me.

humor...arh arh Pete

who stopped following me? Jones

rained out. Wigdy

no shame in being out Egg (Not that there is anything wrong with that)

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