July 19, 2010

MRQ fingers in ears, la la-ing madly


proud of our toilets. Althouse.

darn it, I missed! Elliot

I hope they've done it. Orbs Corbs

setting fire to my panties SER

“O” Word Egg

The rest are for your father Bussorah

a parody of this site Wigdy

Fred Dooley playing with Barbie. Wigdy again.


Get to bed. CFR

sounds like a collection of hungry congresscritters Toldja

fingers in ears, la la-ing madly, averting eyes Snark

Petting a cat. BCB

Brett Favre or Democrats? Rebecca

Muffins of Unusually Small Size? Nick.

Mad Mennonites TheTeditorial

get off my tush Dipity

the old fashioned kind...with a ball. SamdHam

Smoking crack Chris

Twitter Quitter Titters. Tom.

Quick...everybody put your clothes back on!! TAB

leave me alone. Dean.

on the bottom. Hohner

unknowingly chatting with undercover NSA & CIA operatives Michael

I get this chill that runs down my spine. Patrick

a mattress from a thrift store?????????? Pete

a sufficient amount of junk Jones

does that make me evil? Wigdy

a veteran alcohol researcher. Egg

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Anonymous said...

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