July 25, 2010

More evdience of a media coverup to elect Barack Obama.

A short synopsis... The Obama camp urged donors who had already donated their maximum amount to give money to ACORN that they could then use to elect Obama.
Remember, ACORN as a non-profit that was supposed to be non-partisan.

The NY Times had the story and killed it. There is also evidence that other media outlets also had the story and made the choice to take a pass on it.

I had the extreme privilege to meet Anita MonCrief today. A stunningly impressive woman.

Update: Anita MonCreif did announce that she will be filing SEC charges against the Obama administration. I wonder if the "newspaper of record" will ignore that too?


Real Debate said...

As far as conspiracy theories go, this one's rather thin.

"The NY Times had the story and killed it."

Or....the NY Times vetted the story and determined there was nothing to it.

Real Debate said...

Thin?  this from the side that believes "Bush lied, kids died"?  Seriously.  And NYT vetting a story that exposes the Left?  They ARE the Left.  so in the tank for Obama that if "The Chosen One" murdered an innocent bystander in cold blood the Journalistas would either a) report that it never happened (who you gonna believe?  Me?  Or your lyin' eyes?) or b) self-defense (the guy was white, so obviously racist and He had to kill the guy).

Please.  Karl...you're an idiot.

Real Debate said...

I cannot help but wonder what was in those "unpleasant" phone calls to Stephanie Strom...I wonder if the words "firebomb"or "Bill Ayers" were mentioned.

Real Debate said...

This from a person who still thinks the dan rather disgrace should still be investigated....

Real Debate said...

As the East Anglia e-mails exposed the lie to global warming so has the ACORN lie been exposed.
Deekaman, Karl is not an idiot, but rather a true believer or if you will, a fellow traveller.
Karl can not produce facts to substantiate his argument so he resorts to ambiguous straw men and annonymous sources.
ACORN is and was a criminal organization who perverted the most sacred of our values. One person one vote.
ACORN has been exposed as the sindicate they are.
The facts inform us of the multitude of laws broken by this "organization".
I only ask Karl to stop the use of his Nom De Plume. You are ruining Lebowski.
But as in the movie you are daft and un-informed.

Real Debate said...

"Karl can not produce facts to substantiate his argument so he resorts to ambiguous straw men and annonymous sources."

Huh? Show me some facts and I'll refudiate them.

Real Debate said...

No Karl, they killed it, they chose not to run it as it was their "policy" not to release anything that explosive on either candidate so close to the election...

Well that was their excuse anyway, this story is still fluid.

Anita was an ACORN employee, she saw this actually happen.