July 25, 2010

Milwaukee's Katrina?

A seriously ridiculous comparison.

James T has the video, these women have a serious persecution complex. They believe that there was some grand conspiracy so that all the storm water flooded them personally.

Katrina was tragic, this was serious, but not even in the same ballpark.


Real Debate said...

I wonder if these "intellectual giants" voted for all the Dems who brought Milwaukee the deep tunnel project?  You heard about that right?  The combining of drainage tunnels into one giant underground pipe that fills up when we get a small rain and obviously can't handle the huge downpour from this recent storm.  It does not take a lot of intellect to understand that when the sewer lines fill up the FIRST place the water will find to relieve the pressure is the Man Hole!!

Real Debate said...

To me, these two women showed how "smart" they are by needlessly wading into polluted water! GEEZ, they might as well take a bath in a sewer..or Lake Michigan lately.