July 9, 2010

Milwaukee Police Association

Tuesday evening Mrs RDW told me about calls she kept getting from Milwaukee that hung up on her every time she answered the phone. Frankly, it was creeping her out.

Caller ID showed the number as 414-921-7180. I called the number and got the following recording, "No one at this association is available to answer this call, please leave your name and number and someone will get back to you." Then I was told that the voicemail box was full.

I Googled the number and came up with a big list of complaints explaining exactly the same problem.

Later that night sure enough we were called from the same number I answered after 2 rings and was hung up on.

Wednesday night, repeat. I called them back, voicemail full.

Last night I answered and was connected to someone. They identified themselves as calling for the Milwaukee Police Association. I stopped the man and told him we had been getting multiple hang up calls daily and to please remove my name from their solicitation list.

Well, that's what I said, I'm not exactly sure how much of that he heard before I was hung up on.

Attention Milwaukee Police Department, whatever fund raising group you have hired to raise money for you is a bunch of unprofessional, rude jerks. They reflect badly upon you.


Real Debate said...

Where is FOX 6 Investigates when you need them?

Real Debate said...

I just hang up on phone solicitors, period.

Anonymous said...

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