July 21, 2010

Isn't it amazing?

Life long tax raising Democrats always seem to act like fiscal hawks when they want to get elected.


Real Debate said...

You are right - it is amazing how the TAX 'N SPEND Libs all of a sudden have this epifany and become "hawkish" (for at least the duration of the campaign.)  And then even worse - if they head fake the electorate and get elected, they find themselves "forced" into breaking campaign pledges to hold the line on spending, because of the rotten fiscal mess they see in government. Then they fall right back into the idiocy of believing they can Tax 'N Spend their way out of the fiscal crisis created by their own failed Lib policies.

Real Debate said...

And when they get elected, they go right back to raising taxes and either blame Republicans for it or tell you that its for your own good.

Real Debate said...

The first thing that comes into my regarding this is rusty feingold's current radio ad.  It took me a half hour to stop laughing after hearing that jerk claims he wants to continue to work to control spending.  Funny, nothing in the ad mentions his votes that helped raised the deficit in this country to an all time high.  There's more poop in his ad than there is in a bag of Milorganite!