July 15, 2010

How many of you are willing to take a 10% paycut?

If elected Racine County Sheriff, that's exactly what Ron Molnar is going to do.

News Release

Date: July 8, 2010

For Immediate Release Contact: Deb Truckey – 880-9459

As Sheriff, Molnar Takes 10% Pay Cut

RACINE -- It seems taxpayers won’t be alone in bearing the brunt of an escalating economy. As Sheriff, Ron Molnar pledges to return 10 percent of his salary to the Racine County budget. According to Molnar, "It’s simply the right thing to do. Clearly, the economy remains unstable and taxpayers continue to suffer from job loss and foreclosure. I am convinced saving salary dollars will ease some of the burden placed on Racine County taxpayers."

Ron Molnar pledges to create a leaner, more streamlined budget to support current manpower and strengthen partnerships across all municipalities.

For more information, visit www.molnarforsheriff.com.


Real Debate said...

Fred - our family already has and with cuts in health care/vacation time/pension contributions, the cuts are well over 10%.  We've taken the cuts willingly just to keep employed.

But here's a counter question - how many sheriff's candidates are taking a leave of absence to run for office?  Mr. Molnar was off for about 6 months in 2006 to run for sheriff, was on another leave in 2007 and, now again in 2010...hopefully these leaves were unpaid since he is a government employee.  Makes me wonder if he becomes Racine County Sheriff, will he need to take another leave in 4 years from being sheriff to run again for reelection?

Real Debate said...

Thanks for the feedback Lisa.

Real Debate said...

Current yearly pay for the Racine County Sheriff: $97,808.

Current yearly pay for Ron Molnar: $68,000.

Even if Ron Molnar took a 20% pay cut, he'd still be coming out ahead.<span> </span>

Real Debate said...

Gee Zach, I believe you are making a living off of the taxpayers, are you willing to take a 10% to benefit the taxpayers?

I didn't think so.

The man deserves credit, not scorn.

Real Debate said...


Ron is required to take a leave of absence to run for a partisan office.

Pete Metz

Real Debate said...

Fred, I'll be more impressed when Ron Molnar agrees to take a 10% cut in his current pay.

As for me, I took a pay cut this year.<span> </span>