July 27, 2010

Feingold is a disgrace.

Thousands of documents about the war in Afghanasatn leaked, the story was everywhere yesterday.

While most responsible legislators are concerned over the security breach Senator Feingold has taken a different approach.

Never wasting a crisis, Senator Feingold says our strategy in Afghanasatn is "deeply flawed" and uses the opportunity to further his agenda and press for an end to the war in Afghanastan.

It is time for Senator Feingold to join the ranks of the unemployed.

Is it November yet?


Real Debate said...

rusty foolsgold is getting trounced in his town hall "listening" sessions.  His statement allowed him to put his "maverick" costume on again.  Why not?  Voters fell for the stunt before.  But rusty, you've got a bit more of a problem that needs some 'splaining this time: like your votes for baramacare, the stimulus plans that did absolutely nothing execpt to put our country deeper in the money hole!

Real Debate said...

He is just following the obama lead on this spin.

hsgbdmama said...

Whoever his challenger is, they need to keep this on the front burner -- security always comes second to proving you're right!

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