July 6, 2010

The ends justify the means.

As I did with the funeral of Ted Kennedy, I took a pass on the funeral of Robert Byrd.

I try to take the if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing approach to funerals.

This is not about Robert Byrd though, this is about Bill Clinton.

In his remarks at the Byrd funeral President Clinton proved everything I have been saying about liberals. It does not matter to them what they say or what they do as long as it is to gain power. In short, they don't care at all about ethics.

A fleeting association? I guess that depends on what the definition of (D) is.

The party that is trying to portray anyone who has an honest difference of opinion with the current administration as a racist just paid honor to a former Klan officer who filibustered and then voted against the civil rights act.

But he was trying to get elected, so that makes it just fine. Right Bill?

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