July 12, 2010

Capper caught.

I can't wait to hear Folkbum's defense.


Real Debate said...

While I would enjoy rubbing it in, the CRG press release just doesn't cut it.  The CRG doesn't name the person from the DA office, so we just have to believe CRG.
It also doesn't give details as to when the blogging on the County computer happened, so I do agree with the DA, it doesn't rise to criminal behavior.
Further, if he blogged during lunch or after work hours, that is not a great sin.  I believe that most people who at work and have internet access, do blog, read things on-line, coment etc do so after work or at lunch.  Is it wrong, techincally I suppose, but it's not the worst thing that has ever happened.
But capper has few friends in County government, especially in the administration so he will be hung out to dry.  Your reap what you sow.  He holds Scott Walker to higher standards, it's about time that Walker hold capper to higher standards as well.

Real Debate said...

They made Darlene Wink resign for a few posts, capper should (but he has no honor) resign also if he used ANY county or city resource.