June 14, 2010

World Cup Update.

Is Paraguay good?


Real Debate said...

suck it, dooley :-p
yes, they are.
you know for someone that doesnt care about the WC, you sure spend alot of time on it.

Real Debate said...

Roughly 1 minute so far.

Couldn't stand the noise.

Real Debate said...

apparently, bbc is pondering 'vuvuzela-free' broadcasts now.

Real Debate said...

I have a vuvuzela at home. I got it from a friend of mine in South Africa. It makes a wonderful noise that drives my dog... and wife... and everyone else NUTS!!!!

...aka, I love it!!!

I understand the angst of listening to the bee-hive drone during the entire game, but, c'mon... if it's not vuvuzelas, it'd be whistles, drums, singing, chanting, shouting, laughing, etc... these people watching live are enjoying the hell out of it, and good for them. It's an awesome opportunity, especially for the local South Africans who normally would not have an opportunity to see a live World Cup match.

Personally, I think they should allow vuvuzelas at PGA Events to liven them up a bit, but I'm nearly certain I'm alone in that opinion.

PS - The event does support local businesses would any major sporting event. The link below and attached photo showed up not only in the Racine JT, but was picked up by Yahoo! News - UK & Ireland.


That's me in the middle...