June 22, 2010

Want a Secure Border? Give me amnesty 1st!

The Emperor won't commit to securing the Arizona border until he gets assurance that he can have "comprehensive amnesty"!!

Obama is again using a crisis to hos advantage at the cost of our country! Senator Kyl is 1000% right. Only by FIRST securing the border do we have any chance of getting our immigration under control and begin to have a citizenship path (NOT AMNESTY) for those who are here and for those who want to come into the US!!

Amnesty is NOT the answer - citizenship and enforcement of our immigration laws is!!


Real Debate said...

Thanks for covering this GG

Real Debate said...

People who believe in amnesty and not securing the borders are like people who what to clean up the oil in the Gulf without capping the well or pumping out New Orleans after a hurricane without fixing the dikes first...