June 14, 2010

MRQ one way to have fun.


chemical castration has come into effect. Owen.

fire half. Kate

lying like hell. Dad29

A cougar. Althouse

Bite me. Pete

Give it to your wife. Tom.

I've touched mine. Wigdy

eternally grateful. Carrie

got lucky. Dan

ashamed of myself. Trog.

Call me old. CFR

That's a taserin'! Bob

See ya around. Kevin.


didn't want to get out of bed. CFR

don't kiss him with tongue Owen.

sticky fingers Charlie

one way to have fun. Nick

witnesses who say kissing TheTeditorial

see the strippers. Dipity

more English balls flying at him than Madonna Christian

frontal assault. Tom

can do things we never even DREAMED about in TAB

back from a massage. Jones.

sucking golf balls through a garden ho Egg

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